The RCNBF Contributes $10,000 to The Pepper Pod to Help Construct the EmpowHER Outdoor Classroom

The RCNBF contributed $10,000 to The Pepper Pod to help with the construction of the EmpowHER Outdoor Classroom to Support Women & Activities.

Based in Chelsea, Quebec, The Pepper Pod is a nonprofit organization that supports women in the Canadian veteran community—including women veterans, soon-to-be veterans, and spouses of veterans. 

Founded by Sandra Perron, Canada’s first female infantry officer, The Pepper Pod offers a safe space for women to come together, bond over shared experience and find support tailored especially for them. It’s a welcoming environment that empowers women to shape a fulfilling life after serving in the military or RCMP.

The construction of this EmpowHER Outdoor Classroom is pivotal in the ability of The Pepper Pod to serve larger groups and meet growing demand. Once built, The Pepper Pod will no longer need to cancel events or classes due to poor weather and will be able to accommodate 35-50 students at a time for its activities. 

The most exciting part of this project is the involvement of women veterans in the building of the EmpowHER Outdoor Classroom. The Pepper Pod BuildHERS, a team of 10-15 women who are eager to learn construction skills, will actually construct the space 

By bringing women veterans together and establishing a new group with a common focus and task, they will learn valuable construction skills that help increase their confidence and provide useful abilities for future projects in their lives.

With a roof to protect them from the elements, an outdoor fireplace for social bonding, and storage for supplies, this space will enable The Pepper Pod to host larger groups and gather for outdoor activities. The perfect spot for a snack after snowshoeing, lunch after paddleboarding, or simply to sit together and catch up, the space  will build a sense of community and a safe place specifically tailored for women veterans to learn, ask questions and try new experiences. 

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