$5,000 Contributed to Halifax & Region MFRC to Help Start a Food Pantry for Military and Veteran Families

In 2023, individuals living in food-insecure households in Nova Scotia jumped as high
as 28.9% – the highest in all of Canada.

Once known as an affordable place to live, Halifax has become one of the most
expensive in Canada due primarily housing shortages and the cost of food and fuel.

Because of this, just like everyone else, naval families in the region are feeling the
economic pressure. To help, the RCNBF contributed $5,000 to the Halifax & Region
MRFC to start a food pantry for naval and military families.

The service supports families who experience financial stress or hardship, as well as
extreme weather events, family breakdowns, and other unplanned emergencies.

Filled with non-perishable food items such as cereals, soups, snacks, and other staple
items, the HRMFRC will continue to stock the pantry based on ongoing solicited
feedback to ensure this service is tailored based on what they hear from families.

Military and Veteran families struggling with food insecurity or experiencing financial
hardships due to inflation can receive pantry staples and nutritious food items from the
Community Pantry anonymously, and at no cost.

Click here to find out more on the Halifax & Region Military Family Resource Centre website.

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