Maximizing value, impact and presence for our naval family

Ottawa, Tuesday April 5, 2022 – Over the past year, the RCNBF has undertaken a full examination of its current suite of programs including loans, grants, bursaries, and awards. The board of directors has concluded that the organization must undertake a full programming needs assessment in the relatively near term to identify a range of programs that best deliver mission-aligned outcomes and demonstrate results in terms of value, impact and presence.

Mindful of the potential for a gap in programming while a needs assessment is completed and better targeted programs are developed, the RCNBF will be proposing a bridging strategy for funding to ensure that we continue to assist our partners in serving naval veterans, serving sailors, and their respective families in impactful ways over the coming months.

Addressing the longer-term program vision will not merely be a matter of making minor adjustments or improvements to our current suite of programs. Rather, fundamentally new approaches to programming will need to be developed. As a result, the RCNBF will unfortunately NOT be accepting applications for individual financial assistance, or loans.

We do recognize that in the short term there is a continuing need to assist persons in financial distress, and the RCNBF will pursue opportunities to establish new, temporary grants that leverage the good work of our partners who directly help naval veterans, serving members of the RCN, and their respective families. Specific details about these programs will be made available within the coming weeks, including criteria, access to the application process, timelines, and reporting parameters.

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding and patience while we re-organize our programs.