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As stated in website information, the purpose of the Fund is to relieve financial distress and/or to promote the well-being of individuals who qualify for assistance. It is difficult to give an all encompassing definition of the word “distress” as the decision whether or not distress exists in a particular case is based on the circumstances of that case. Generally distress is deemed to exist when an applicant or his dependant(s) are suffering hardship due to a lack of the ordinary necessities of life. It may also be evident when an applicant has personal debts, which cannot be met because of unexpected calls upon income due to sickness, accident, death, or other unforseen circumstances, and where the payment of such accounts would deprive the applicant or his dependants of the ordinary necessities of life. In the final analysis, RCNBF personnel, following a thorough review of an application, must determine the degree of distress. In essence, when a person believes there is an element of distress in his/her situation an application should be completed.

In meeting its secondary objective of promoting well-being, the RCNBF has no rigid guidelines or definition although unforseen misfortune and serious debt causing financial distress are partial prerequisites. The financial status of the applicant is a prime factor in assessing the merits of each application. The promotion of well-being might include, for example, financial aid for transportation in connection with death or serious illness, or aid to meet unforseen contingencies, or to provide temporary comforts or amenities. The Fund is unable to assist applicants, or their dependants, to maintain a standard ofliving beyond their means. Debts for non-essential or luxuries are not proper grounds to support a request for financial relief. Assistance will not be given to an applicant who is capable, wholly or partially, of solving his/her problem by the proper use of income or other assets.

Applicants are reminded the Fund cannot be regarded as an alternative to commercial loan organizations, and a loan from the Fund is not usually made when the applicant is in a position to obtain assistance from such other sources.

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  • Jana Sly

    says on:
    October 6, 2016 at 7:05 am

    There are no words to describe the wonderful individuals who work in this organization. My Father was in the Navy and had taken a massive stroke when he was on vcation. The expenses incurred were more than we could handle. The RCNBF was quick to review our application for assistance and also in sending help. With all the stress of getting him back to NS and the costs they were there. We are forever grateful for the help they provided when no other organizations would.

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