How the RCNBF Can Assist

The Fund is always ready to assist applicants by giving them helpful advice in rearranging their personal affairs, by assistance in applying to proper Government, other public agencies or private sources for aid to which the applicant may be entitled. There are many cases which do not reach the proper authorities simply because the person in need is not aware of the correct steps to be taken, or where the veteran is reluctant to apply for local public relief to which he may be entitled.

When financial assistance is considered necessary this is accomplished by means of a grant or interest free loan. It is not deemed to be equitable to make an outright grant where the applicant is able to solve his difficulties over a period of time with the aid of a loan, nor is it desirable to ask the applicant to repay a loan where such a repayment would cause hardship or prevent him/her from achieving a sound financial position from where he can carry on without further assistance. The decision to make a grant or loan is based on all the circumstances shown in the application, supported by the investigator’s report and recommendation.

Loans are made interest free, repayable at a rate which can be handled conveniently by the applicant without causing hardship.

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Distress Relief Application Procedures

Applicants will realize that in administering money’s provided in the Trust, the Fund is required to verify the circumstances under which applications are made for the relief of distress. Such investigations are made in a confidential manner and usually do not take very much time. It is vitally important to the person making application, and to the Fund, that very full particulars of the applicant’s circumstances are made known and must include estimates, proof of service, proof of income and up to date statements from all creditors. The application form itself must be carefully completed and all questions fully answered.

Eligible applicants serving in the Canadian Forces should apply through their Commander or his representative as laid down in local orders. Applications will be forwarded to the appropriate Committee.

All other applications for assistance should be made through the Department of Veterans Affairs, Royal Canadian Legions or Naval Organizations, such as the Royal Canadian Naval Association, Naval Officers Association of Canada, who will forward the application together with all documentation and recommendations to the Fund.

The Secretary Treasurer of the RCNBF will be pleased to supply any additional information required, and not listed in the above, by writing or calling:

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