Assistance Eligibility


  • Serving members of the Canadian Forces regular force who wear the naval uniform and have at least one year of service in the regular force;
  • Serving members of the Canadian Forces regular force, other than the navy, who have at least one year of service with units of Maritime Command;
  • Former members of the Royal Canadian Navy or Canadian Forces naval component (as defined through uniform or rank designation) or other former Canadian Forces members, who have a total of at least one year service with the RCN or CF naval component, or with units of Maritime Command respectively.
  • Former and serving members of the Naval Reserve who have completed one year of full-time Primary Reserve Service; or, 2 years part-time Primary Reserve Service.
  • Note: Assistance to all serving members is provided on a “last resort basis”, i.e., after all other avenues of assistance have been used.

  • Former members of the Naval Reserve Forces of Canada who had War Service;
  • Former members of the Women’s Royal Canadian Naval Service;
  • Canadian Merchant Navy War Veterans who are defined by Section 6, s.s.l of “The Merchant Navy War Veteran and Civilian War-related Benefits Act” R.S.C. 1992, c24; and
  • Dependants of any individual who qualify for assistance as described above.
    1. “War Service” includes World War I, World War II, and service in Korea.
    2. In addition to the above eligibility rules it is necessary that the element of “financial need” described under paragraph 7 below be established.
    3. Dual Service: close co-operation is maintained with the Canadian Forces Personnel Assistance Fund to ensure assistance provided applicants who have
      eligibility in two or more arms of the Service is provided on a shared basis.
    4. 4) In the case of former members of the Canadian Forces, (Navy or Sea Element) or the Canadian Forces who served in units of the Maritime Command and Naval Reserves and their dependants, benefits that can be provided are supplementary to those provided by Canadian Forces Personnel Assistance Fund.