What is the RCNBF?

The Royal Canadian Naval Benevolent Fund (RCNBF) is a Corporation created to relieve the distress and promote the well-being of individuals:

  • who served in the Naval Forces of Canada, up until 31 January, 1968 and their dependants.
  • who are Canadian Merchant Navy War Veterans as they are defined by Section 6,s.s.1 of The Merchant Navy Veteran and Civilian War-Related Benefits Act.
  • R.S.C. 1992, c.24 and their dependants who are former members of the Canadian Forces who served in units of Maritime Command or had a Navy or Sea Element rank designation and their dependants.

The distances which often separate serving personnel from their families, the incidence of unexpected illness and accident and the other hazards of life made it evident that some form of assistance should be made available in times of emergency and distress.

It was not until 1942 that long discussed plans bore fruit, and on the 23rd of November of that year an Order in Council was passed which brought into being the “Royal Canadian Naval Benevolent Fund”. Prominent Naval Officers and Officials serving in Naval Service Headquarters were named Trustees and charged with the administration of moneys made available through contributions of Canteens and Officers’ Messes. The original capital of the Fund was made up of an undistributed balance of Prize Money from the war of 1914-18, plus gifts from interested friends of the Naval Service.

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The creation of a fund from which small grants and loans could be made was long a dream of officers and men of the Royal Canadian Navy and the Reserve Forces.

Our Constitution

The RCNBF constitution provides for 45 Voting Members representing as many geographic localities as possible while meeting the requirements of regional committees.

    • At each Annual General Meeting a Board of Directors of up to 12 members is elected.
    • The Board of Directors conducts business and administers the Fund between meetings.
    • There are three Regional Committees who make decisions on applications for assistance.

All members of committees and all voting members of the Fund are unpaid volunteers.

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