The RCNBF mandate is to promote the well-being of current and former members of the Naval Forces of Canada and their dependants.

The Royal Canadian Naval Benevolent Fund is NOT a Government Agency. We are a Corporation without share capital. We are supported by voluntary donations from serving and ex-service personnel, civilian friends and Naval organizations.

Our mission

The Royal Canadian Naval Benevolent Fund (RCNBF) is a Corporation created to relieve the distress and promote the well-being of individuals who served in the Naval Forces of Canada their dependants.
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The distances which often separate serving personnel from their families, the incidence of unexpected illness and accident and the other hazards of life made it evident that some form of assistance should be made available in times of emergency and distress.

This fund can help with Distress Relief, Bursary Programs and Scholarship Program for students and vocational training, Financial Assistance and Emergency Funds.

The Fund is always ready to assist applicants by giving them helpful advice in rearranging their personal affairs, by assistance in applying to proper Government, other public agencies or private sources for aid to which the applicant may be entitled. There are many cases which do not reach the proper authorities simply because the person in need is not aware of the correct steps to be taken, or where the veteran is reluctant to apply for local public relief to which he may be entitled.