Who Is Eligible?

  • Former or serving members of the Canadian Forces who have significant service in operational units of Maritime Command or the RCN including Army and Air Force personnel or who used naval or Sea element rank designations
  • Former or serving members of the Royal Canadian Navy, providing they completed a minimum of one year’s service, or if less than one year’s service,
    a) were released due to a disability attributable to Naval Service,
    b) had war service
  • Former or serving members of the Naval Reserve who have completed one year full time or two years part-time Reserve service.
  • Former members of the Naval Reserve Forces of Canada who had War Service
  • Former members of the Women’s Royal Canadian Naval Service
  • Canadian Merchant Navy War Veterans who are defined by Section 6, subsection 2 of “The Merchant Navy War Veteran and Civilian War-Related Benefits Act” R.S.C. 1992, c.24; and,
  • Dependants of any individual who qualifies for assistance as described above (FURTHER DETAILS BELOW).


1. “War Service” includes World War I, World War II and service in Korea.
2. In addition to the above eligibility rules it is necessary that the element of “distress”, described elsewhere, be established.
3. Dual Service: close co-operation is maintained with the Canadian Forces Personnel Assistance Fund so that assistance provided to applicants who also have eligibility from Air or Land service is shared.


The word “dependents” as used above, means wives/husbands, widows/widowers, children up to 18, each of whom are, or were, dependant upon the earnings of an individual in one of the categories specified above. In addition, children over the age of 18 who are physically, or mentally unable to provide for themselves; and, children over the age of 18 who have been in continuous, fulltime attendance at college/university or vocational training, may be classed as dependents.

More information concerning dependents here